The most comprehensive flag curling solution - material and technology play a key role
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The most comprehensive flag curling solution - material and technology play a key role

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The process of making various hanging flags


In the past, the hanging flag was always made of paper materials. Under the influence of environmental factors such as air temperature and air temperature, the paper hanging flag will not only deform, curl, uneven, not vertical, but also fade. The biggest problem is that the paper process can not make a wide width hanging flag; Today is the era of the rise of cloth advertising products. Many wide format advertising prints are gradually replaced by cloth advertising products, such as hanging flags, road flags, poster flags, etc; At present, the equipment that can provide fabric printing advertisements includes: advanced digital printing, watermark printing of national flag, manual screen printing; Manual screen printing is close to being eliminated, so we won't introduce it; Then there is the watermark. The watermark process is mainly used for printing flags and flags with some monochromatic content in large quantities, which is obviously not applicable to orders with multiple varieties, colors and small batches; Finally, there is the digital printing process. This kind of technology and equipment has been available for more than 10 years, and the quality of its printed cloth products is obvious to all; In terms of business capacity, digital printing technology has gradually replaced some businesses of photo and spray painting and become the high-end process equipment in the current advertising printing; The advertising products produced by digital printing technology are mainly used in some large and demanding occasions, such as large shopping malls, 4S stores, real estate sales offices, etc. the hanging flags, colored flags, advertising tablecloths, etc. provided by our factory are printed by digital printing equipment. At present, our main customers are 4S stores, large shopping malls, media design companies, exhibition factories, advertising companies, etc, Of course, we will not refuse orders from small batch and scattered customers.

Flag picture

4、 The flag material will determine whether the flag will curl and deform

The hanging flag made of digital printed fabric has the characteristics of flatness, no deformation, no curling, no fading, high definition and bright color. Digital printed cloth is mainly divided into three grades: high, medium and ordinary. The difference lies in the printing clarity and the vertical effect after hanging. The better the texture of the material, the better the printing effect and the vertical effect after hanging; The high-end flag hanging materials are: Matte Satin (standing), thickened warp knitted cloth (standing), the middle-end materials are: bright satin (standing), Oxford cloth, ordinary warp knitted cloth (standing), and the ordinary grade materials are only double transparent flag cloth (that is, the nickname of flag cloth, flag cloth, chunyafang, polyester cloth, which is a standing fabric). As we all know, Once the fabric is ironed and shaped, it will not easily change its shape (our equipment will automatically set at high temperature after printing, and the finished flag will not appear the problems of crepe, curling, deformation, unevenness and non verticality), so using the fabric material and digital printing equipment to make the flag can completely solve the flag curling_ Deformation_ Unevenness_ The problem of non verticality; If you need to know more about various flag hanging materials or flag materials, you can ask us for free fabric samples.

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